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premium Tasmanian food brands for the world

The Tasmanian Food Co. was born out of a desire to showcase and share Tasmania’s delicious, high quality produce with Australia and the world.

To do this, the Tasmanian Food Co has gathered under our umbrella an outstanding range of the finest quality food brands that Tasmania has to offer, like Meander Valley Dairy and Shima Wasabi. These long-established, home-grown producers are constantly striving for the best tasting food experiences possible.

Whether you are preparing a dipping sauce for sushi with our 100% pure Wasabi, or generously spreading our cultured French butter on a slice of freshly baked wholegrain, or indulging yourself with the most luxurious clotted cream ever on a traditional English scone, you’ll be in for a treat. Because this is food at its natural best.

Our producers are inspiring,

and we’re proud to work with them

Our producers are mindful of working with nature to achieve the best quality products. We use sustainable farming practices and encourage our suppliers to do the same. Our producers concentrate on quality rather than quantity and focus on how we manage our resources in a sustainable manner.

The result is the best tasting quality produce this island can grow and create. That’s why we believe The Tasmanian Food Co. really can claim to be Pride of Plate.

Pride of plate

We believe the best way to eat, is fresh,
ethically sourced and sustainably grown produce.
Nowhere in the world is this philosophy better
realised than in Tasmania.

We’re growing, and

we’re here for Tasmanian produce

With our Head Office in Launceston, and a strong team of people with connections across the agricultural and food industries, we’re well placed to help these quality brands reach the mainland (and the world).

Meander Valley Dairy

Creating cream is a calling, and we use our intimate understanding of the seasons and our pristine environment to create consistently good cream year-round.

Founded by the Dornauf family, who’ve farmed dairy cows in the Meander Valley (in Tasmania’s Central North) for the past 3 generations. We’re committed to creating delicious cream and dairy products in a traditional way.

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Meander Valley Dairy

Traditionally crafted natural, rich creams and butters inspired by artisan styles
from France and the United Kingdom.

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Meander Valley Dairy products are a touch of luxury developed with the finest craftsmanship.

Meet Tommy, our Dairy Production Manager.

Tommy developed a passion for dairy in his home country, Denmark. Since moving to Australia to enjoy our lifestyle in Tasmania and share his skills, Tommy has spent years developing his style and now focuses on high quality, small batch products such as Meander Valley Dairy cultured butters using traditional French methods, the richest, most luxurious double cream (sought after right across Australia) and a traditional clotted cream inspired by the Devonshire tea heritage of Devon and Cornwall.

Meander Valley Dairy prides itself on superior taste and is recognised time and time again at dairy product awards across Australia. We agree that sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure, and when it comes to our creams we let the product sing with little intervention outside of our carefully crafted application of temperature and time.

Your kitchen never looked so good

Whether you're seeking a daily indulgence or wish to spoil your friends with a little home entertaining, Meander Valley Dairy products offer an impression of elegance and lead to superior taste.

Include the buttermilk and clotted cream in your next homemade scones for an indulgent Devonshire tea experience, or enjoy the simple pleasure of freshly baked bread with salted cultured cutter. When the season calls for it, a dollop of Meander Valley Dairy double cream is the perfect accompaniment to berries or a freshly baked pudding.

That’s why we’re taking steps to produce our delicious cream and butter in a way that’s ethical and sustainable

We know our customers are as serious about the environment as we are, hence we are constantly striving to improve our carbon footprint and reduce waste to ensure the products you use at home are environmentally responsible.

Nichols Poultry

We believe not all chickens are created equally. Since the 1980’s, Nichols have been perfecting our birds in our clean and pure natural environment, with locally sourced feed and ingredients.

All our birds are air chilled, so there is no added water or chlorine, meaning that the natural flavour is retained creating tastier, more nutritious poultry products.

We are proud to launch an Australian first; Nichols Ethical Free Range Chicken - a free range chicken grown to our own ethical standards, commitment to animal welfare and responsibility for the environment that's well above industry standards.

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Nichols Poultry

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Lifting standards in the field and the kitchen

We know that consumer expectations and industry standards can be two very different things. For this reason we have worked closely with Nichols Agricultural Director and founder, Rob Nichols, to launch a whole new range of chicken for our customers; Nichols Ethical Free Range Chicken.

Nichols Poultry was established in the early 1980s when founder Rob Nichols and his family emigrated from Leicestershire in England to Sassafras in Tasmania. The business has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected meat brands in Tasmania. Consumer research conducted in 2016 demonstrated that consumers trust Nichols to be a source of high quality chicken.

Commitment to environmental responsibility is pivotal to Nichols’ sustainability model, driven by Rob’s support of innovative renewable energy. Nichols Poultry currently generates 50% of its power requirements from its wind turbine and the business has plans to increase this self-sustaining approach with a second turbine in the future.

“I feel good buying their chickens and you can taste the difference.”

“It’s the ethics and good provenance that is the Nichols difference.”

Superior taste with no added chlorine

Maintaining quality of taste is incredibly important, which is why during processing the meat, it is air-chilled rather than spin-chilled in chlorinated water to cool. The spin-chilling process results in the absorption of chlorinated water that may cause bleaching of the meat and bones, and it adds water that emerges during the cooking process and influences the flavour the meat. Air-chilled chicken is a more flavoursome meat and is brighter in colour.

Nichols has three brand categories:

  • Nichols Poultry – RSPCA Approved original cuts and whole birds
  • Nichols Kitchen - pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook products
  • Nichols Ethical Free Range - superior taste

“The spotlight is on the ethics; respectful treatment of the bird. This is what premium buyers are seeking reassurance of when they buy premium.” – Rob Nichols, Nichols founder and Agricultural

Robur Farm

Robur Farm Goat Dairy was created out of passion for dairy and the increasing demand for goats milk products throughout Australia. We knew that with the rich, lush pastures of Sassafras (in Northern Tasmania) and some of the finest dairy goats, we would be able to produce delicious farm fresh goat dairy products that would be the envy of others. And the judges agree, with our first product Tasmanian Goat Fetta winning reserve Champion Non-Bovine Product at the 2016 Royal Hobart Show.

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Robur Farm Dairy

Pristine, lush Tasmanian pastures create
beautifully mild and creamy goat dairy for the whole family.
Robur Farm Dairy goat products are a great alternative to cow’s
milk as a source of calcium and protein in healthy diets.

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Delivering a brand new level of quality to goat dairy in Australia

Robur Farm is Tasmania's largest commercial dairy goat herd, with access to daily clover feed to produce mild flavoured milk. Our milk is managed from paddock to plate for fresh, great tasting products.

Dutch expertise for optimal farming practices and taste

Meet Leon Lolkema, our Goat Farm Manager at Robur Farm. Leon is a trained veterinarian from Holland and has joined us to share his knowledge and skill, applying a scientific approach to best practice breeding programs and nutrition management.

"Our focus is on breeding strong, durable goats and we are commited to achieving the highest possible health status of our herd." – Leon Lolkema

Shima Wasabi

We take advantage of Tasmania’s cold, pure conditions as the perfect environment for growing such a rare and valuable spice. Wasabi is incredibly difficult to grow, but we’ve been perfecting our practices for over 12 years and now offer the finest Wasabi produced in the Southern Hemisphere, to rival the best you’d find in Japan. Our product has become so highly regarded it’s now used daily by leading chefs in over 60 of Australia’s top restaurants, and we’re continually innovating to bring you new ways to use 100% wasabi in your own dishes at home.

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Shima Wasabi

Tasmania’s very own unique wasabi. Accept no substitutes.

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You’ve probably tasted wasabi in fine dining restaurants or on a trip to Japan.

Shima Wasabi is the largest commercial wasabi farm in Australia. Located in Tasmania’s temperate northwest and founded by Stephen Welsh, Shima Wasabi utilises a unique hydroponic growing system that enables a controlled growing environment. Almost all parts of the plant are edible, with the stems being harvested and cleaned before packing to send direct to restaurants around Australia for grating and mixing to make fresh wasabi paste. Other parts of the plant are sorted into a range of uses for both fresh and dried product, with less than 10% of harvested material going to waste.

Enthusiasts will soon have fresh wasabi available for experimenting in the kitchen at home.

Shima Wasabi is expanding the existing crop and building a new greenhouse that will enable a doubling of production, lead by founder and General Manager, Stephen Welsh. Shima Wasabi Powder is one of the few 100% wasabi powders available and offers a superior taste to some of the horseradish substitute pastes you might find in sachets or tubes.

Culinary trivia: what to know about wasabi

Most powdered wasabi sold across the world is made from horseradish, not wasabi. The chemical in wasabi that provides its initial pungency is the volatile allyl isothiocyanate , which is released by the grating of the plant stem. Release of the chemical is a natural defence mechanism, which also occurs when the plant is damaged.Research has shown that the isothiocyanate compounds produced by the plant inhibit microbe growth, perhaps with implications for preserving food against spoilage and suppressing oral bacterial growth.

Because the burning sensations of wasabi are not oil-based, they are short-lived compared to the effects of chili peppers, and are washed away with more food or liquid. The sensation is felt primarily in the nasal passage and can be quite painful depending on the amount consumed. Inhaling or sniffing wasabi vapor has an effect like smelling salts, a property exploited by researchers attempting to create a smoke alarm for the deaf. The 2011 Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the researchers for determining the ideal density of airborne wasabi to wake people in the event of an emergency.

We invite you to join us in

sharing Tasmania’s distinctive produce, here’s why…

  • Committed to Tasmanian growersAs an advocate for the fantastic, fresh produce you can only find in Tasmania, we work on behalf of local growers and produces to share their traditional skills and dedication to quality with the world.
  • Paddock to plateWe believe things taste best when they’re grown in a clean, fertile environment, which is why we support brands who are taking steps to reduce their processing and use of unnecessary chemicals. The less intervention the better, so it tastes ‘fresh from the paddock’.
  • Excellence in farming and productionSourcing quality raw ingredients is only part of the journey; all our growers are experts in their fields, and committed to continually learning more about their trade, so their end product is as good as it possibly can be.
  • A focus on sustainabilityWe need to care for our unique and precious environment, in order to protect it. Our brands employ sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices, including proactive land and water environmental management.
  • We care for our livestockHappy animals produce far superior food, so we take steps to protect the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare. Good animal husbandry practices form the backbone of our business, and are as vital to our exceptional taste as the unspoiled environment in which the animals roam.

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You can find Tasmanian Food Co products at Woolworths and IGA stores across Australia and in Coles stores in Tasmania.

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We’re excited about bringing such unique and fantastic produce out of Tasmania. Get in touch with us to find out how you can get involved, and learn more about where you buy these great products right now.

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